BMW Concept Z4 Dissected: Styling, Powertrain, Interior, and More!

The new BMW Z4 is a design not seen before, focusing on a more angular look, it’s definitely a show stopper. Focus is made on the driver cockpit, making it a race car like feel. It’s body it both retro and forward thinking. Expect the new models to roll out in the 2019 manufacturing line but read all about it here.

Key Takeaways:

  • The third iteration of BMW’s Z4 roadster is just around the corner, and it represents a new approach to the way Werke does business.
  • The Concept Z4 also indicates a stylistic departure from every past generation of the company’s smallish droptop, with the long-hood proportions and sweeping body lines of the outgoing car reshuffled.
  • Together with the recent 8-series preview, this Z4 points clearly to a new direction for BMW’s design language, one that emphasizes angles over curves.

“Trading the flowing, slightly bulbous lines of its predecessor for an aggressive chiseling throughout, the Concept Z4 looks the beans in its Energetic Orange paint.”