Blasphemy or Brilliance: LS-Swapped BMW 540i Touring?

This car is now for sale for around $15,000. The Chevy LS motor family is one of the most well known of all time. LS-swapping BMWs is a very common occurrence. The V8 was sourced from a GTO and makes around 400 hp. On the inside it will get some other upgrades such as the new shift lever.

Key Takeaways:

  • car enthusiasts swap LS engines into seemingly every type of car
  • most BMW purists cringe at the idea of a Chevy V8 powering one of their favorite Bavarian cars
  • LS-swapping in BMWs is actually a very common occurrence

“For those who aren’t familiar, the Chevy LS motor family is one of the most iconic engine families of all time.”