Bing Maps Review

Bing Maps is an application/service which is similar to google maps. Users can use this service to search a specific location. It provides various tools for driving direction guidance, searching nearby shopping malls, building, public places etc. The interface is user friendly. The map can be dragged, moved into all direction with just a mouse click. Special features like zoom in, zoom out, bookmark a location etc are also included. Its very flexible and simple to use. User can also see the latitude and longitude details of the desired location.It also updates the user with live traffic updates. Additional tools update users with the latest gas prices, petrol prices, parking availability, taxi fare etc.

Bing was designed by Microsoft. It was officially announced in 2009. It aims at providing an easy and convenient platform for the internet users to search things on web. It was earlier known as Live Search maps.

Difference from other apps:
It provides an easy interface for finding location and info about it. Some of the tools like taxi fare calculator, current fuel prices etc makes it really different from the other apps in this genre.

User Interface:
The site uses soft colors, to give it a professional look. On the left side, the user can see the links of the various tools. A search toolbar is provided at the top for users to search a particular location. The maps displayed are relatively simple to read and understand. User can also bookmark/save a particular location.

The user doesn’t need to register to use the app. He/she can directly type the location on the search bar at the top and view the maps. People who want to sign up can do so by filling up the registration form. Sign up through facebook account is also available.

The best feature of this app is that its absolutely free to use. Anyone can use it any number of time free of cost..

+Ronald Edwards