Bing Maps Made My Trip To Chicago A Breeze

On my last vacation I visited Chicago and as I did not know the layout of the city at all, I was saved by Bing maps time and again in my efforts to see as much of the city as possible without wasting time getting lost.  Everyone has been to a strange city at some time or another with no knowledge of the streets and public transportation systems and it can ruin a trip when you get lost and spend hours arriving at a destination when it should have taken mere minutes.  Whether you are in a rental car, or trying to decide when to get off the bus, having a map to help you is key and can make it so your time touring around is time well spent.  Don’t let me tell you about that 3 and a half hour bus ride I endured in Madrid!

So, you can imagine my satisfaction on my last vacation when I did not spend more than a few minutes figuring out where to go and how to get there.  My husband and I went to Chicago as he’s a lifelong Chicago Bears fan and we wanted to see a game at Soldier Field for the first time.  We landed at Midway Airport the day before the game and we were so anxious to be at Soldier Field with plenty of time that we used Bing maps to show us the best bus route to take.  We even went ahead and took the bus route that day to give us a test run.  The game was great and we were able to get there in plenty of time the next day because we were prepared and had the awesome instructions from our online map searching.

I had a great time the next day, too, when we made our way to Sears Tower.  The great thing, when you look it up online, is that Bing maps everything out for you and then gives you options.  If you want to take public transportation, you have different bus routes mapped out as well as the train line.  After taking a look, we decided it would be easier to take the train and it was easy as pie.  We heard some interesting conversations on that train, too!  Some loud guy was talking to a college kid about cartoons from the 1980s, of all things.  And once we got to our destination we had a fabulous time enjoying the view, even though I was a bit scared in the elevator!

We were there for a total of five days, actually, and on our last full day we just decided to take off and explore with no real direction, just hoping to make it to the water and possibly taking a boat ride, if possible.  Well we did what we wanted and enjoyed a short, peaceful trip on the water.  But, once we got off we did not know how to get home.  Luckily, I was saved once more as I used Bing maps on my cell phone to give us a route to take on the train and then via one bus to get us back to our hotel.

+Ronald Edwards