Bing Maps Has Helped Me with My Trip to Las Vegas

I recently went on vacation from San Diego to Las Vegas. This was my first time going to Las Vegas and it certainly won’t be my last. I had never been to Las Vegas so I needed help with driving there. Fortunately, I had support from Bing Maps to help me out with getting to and from the city.
I used Bing Maps by entering my address as the start of my route and then used the MGM Grand, the hotel I was staying at, as the end of the route. It calculated a route that would take about five hours and a little over 300 miles to go on.
It then gave me a series of very detailed instructions. It included details on the specific highways that I had to use and the exits to use. It told me that I would have to go on I-15 North and stay on the right so I would get to I-215 North after a while.
The instructions included some very detailed points. It informed me of specific spots in some areas to turn at. For example, I was informed that a spot I would turn at had a Pizza Hut at the corner, which it did.
One great part of Bing Maps is that it offered details on road closures and traffic information. It informed me that the Exit 46 ramp on I-215 North was closed due to construction.
The site also gave me information on traffic along the highways. The roads that were clear had green lines on them while there were also yellow and red lines on a few other spots where the traffic was tight.
The site offers real-time information on road accidents, hazards and planned construction that might get in the way of a route. Fortunately, the construction in Barstow near the start of I-40 West was not going to be an issue. The site said the construction would end at four in the morning. I did learn on the site that the traffic around I-15 just south of the Strip was tight.
Finally, I learned about many sites on the roads on my way to and from Las Vegas. I found information on how to make a quick detour to the start of I-40 in Barstow so I could take a picture of the sign saying that I’m about 2,500 miles away from Wilmington, North Carolina.
It also provided me with a separate section that gave me details on points of interest on the road like gas stations, restaurants and shopping centers. I learned that there was an outlet mall right as I went into Nevada on I-15. The site even let me zoom in on the mall should I could see what individual stores were in that mall.
It was very easy for me to get Bing Maps to work for my trip from San Diego to Las Vegas. It gave me all the information I needed so it would be easier to get out to the city. It gave me plenty of details that I never imagined too.
+Ronald Edwards