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Beyond Aluminum: 2019 GM Pickups May Tackle the Carbon-Fiber Frontier

Although General Motors made fun of Ford for using aluminum rather than steel, they have been found to be using plastic for its pickup beds. They say it will make the beds stronger, since this is carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic rather than normal plastic. Although it’s possible that all of GM’s new trucks could be using this plastic, it’s more likely that only the more expensive models will get this update. Ultimately, the switch is mainly to increase fuel economy as part of GM’s new long-term plan to be better with energy use.

Key Takeaways:

  • GM is reportedly planning to use plastic for its pickup beds.
  • Cost is the major barrier that explains why we haven’t seen carbon fiber in wider use; the material has been employed primarily in gram-conscious performance cars and eco-extremist models such as the BMW i3.
  • GM’s aim would boil down to one thing: better fuel economy.

“The time has come for everyone at the ranch to raise their eyebrows a bit: GM is reportedly planning to use plastic for its pickup beds.”