Best Forgotten: The Story of the Pontiac Aztek

Although the Pontiac Aztec has been considered uncool for some time now, the popularity of shows like Breaking Bad have brought attention to this model that has been described as a minivan in drag and has received years of criticism. Now though, bloggers are starting to describe it as cool and sales are increasing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bear Claw idea was to lash the practicality and off-road capability of an SUV to the performance and excitement of a sports sedan.
  • So poorly was the Aztek’s styling received that General Motors announced it would restyle the thing after only five months on the market.
  • It still sat on the hideous end of the design spectrum, but it survived until 2007, two years longer than the Aztek.

“If the infant Aztek were abandoned on a mountainside, it would eventually come crawling back to civilization because even the vultures and ants wouldn’t touch it.”