Become a local everywhere with map quest

Map quest is a map service that offers online, wireless, mobile and business solutions to users, giving them the power to explore where they would like to go. The service is so accurate that it tells you how to get to your destinations, and suggests what you might love to do on your way or at your chosen destination. It does this by generating maps and directions on the go as people request for it. The service boasts of a coverage that extends to over 50,000 neighborhoods in 27,000 cities across the world. In its first month of release, it got about one million hits, making the service have a strong foothold in the map service industry. So how does map quest work? What are the various services available and their unique features?

The primary function of the map quest service is to help you find whatever you want, and find it fast, easy and accurately. All you need to do is enter an address, landmark or business on the “search for” bar on the website home page, and you’re on your way to your destination. This feat is possible because map quest have a super program that creates map location based on city, zip code, longitude/latitude coordinates and address that you feed on it. It can also provide driving direction from one point to another; get you from one house or city to another depending on the value of information you provide. It can also predict exactly how long it will take you to get to your destination. Through the company’s own cartography database, and government data services, it has been estimated that this map service generates nothing less than 7 million sets of mapping directions and 5 million maps to users in the US and Europe every day. This map service provides a number of unique services to its costumers which includes “MapQuest®® vibe”.

MapQuest®® vibe is the newest and latest addition to the company’s offering. Simply known as mqVibe, it helps people get their directions, hotspots and points-of-interest by cutting through ratings clutter to provide exact ranking based on a much richer neighborhood context. mqVibe has features and functionalities like “vibe score” which is a priority ranking assigned to thousands of cities and neighborhood. Vibe score rankings are generated through external data, users vote and interactions on their website to determine a neighborhood’s popularity, going out, residential, edgy and walkability characteristics.

Another amazing service provided by map quest is MapQuest Mobile. This service allows you to get directions and do every other thing you do on the desktop right on your mobile devices. MapQuest Mobile also provides users with free voice-guided navigation applications. There is also the MapQuest Platform Services that helps thousands of businesses and brands allover the world to create engaging mapping applications. MapQuest Platform Service is a combination of development tools, expansive data mapping, and industry expertise that uses flexible technology to help businesses achieve more from their mapping solutions. And off course, there is MapQuest Developer Tools that provide customizable and easy-to-use web services and APIs to individuals, developers and business owners, so they can enhance and include local content on their websites.

+Ronald Edwards