Aston Martin Ponders Next Zagato; It Could Be DB11 Based

Aston Martin is working on a new lineup of vehicles that are sure to impress. But the company has not confirmed the DB11 model by a specific name either. That leaves the door open for Aston Martin to make a different decision than what was anticipated. Either way, onlookers are waiting to test drive the vehicle when it arrives on location.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a recent conversation with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, we asked about the recent collaborations with the famed Italian design house.
  • No one had seen the model. And the thinking behind it was, I wanted to put a car out there that wasn’t already sold out
  • So nobody knew about that beforehand, they knew about it two days before Pebble. And in the weekend, it was sold out. All based on a sketch.”

“”Regardless of when the car will make its debut, if history is any indicator it’s almost guaranteed to be stunning, to be offered for sale in hyperlimited numbers, and to carry a substantial price premium.””