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Apple patents Google Maps killer that can superimponse directions onto live video – Daily Mail

Apple may have just patented the next big thing in terms of maps. Apple was granted a patent for “augmented reality mapping” which uses a GPS, digital compass and accelerometer to assess location, camera direction, and orientation. Pulling these together gives users an interactive mapping tool that plays off of actual surroundings. Move over Google maps, Apple has arrived

Key Takeaways:

  • The firm was granted a patent for Augmented reality maps on Tuesday, revealing an app that could use the iPhone’s advanced sensors to generate real-time views of the user’s surroundings with digital information superimposed.
  • By interpreting the data describing the surrounding areas, the device can determine what objects are presently being viewed on the display,’ the patent explains.
  • The device can further overlay information regarding the presently viewed objects, thus enhancing reality.

“The system could even overlay directional indicators to the live video stream, visualizing the course and any upcoming turns on the way to a given location, and letting the user know if they’re facing the wrong direction.”