Apple Maps’ “Koch” Blunder – The New Yorker

The Apple Koch blunder is a very silly one. When users are directed over the Apple Kotch Bridge, the bridge is pronounced as the Apple Coke Bridge. This could be something political at work here. The bridge was named after a former mayor of New York, much to the dismay of people who wanted the bridge to keep its original name.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most New Yorkers, according to one poll, didn’t much like it when, in 2011, the city renamed the Queensboro Bridge for former Mayor Ed Koch.
  • Apple Maps pronounced Koch “coke,” as in the Koch brothers, Charles and David, the industrialists and underwriters of right-wing causes, rather than “kotch,” as in the Mayor.
  • Perhaps you could chalk up the app’s confusion to the fact that one of those brothers, David Koch, now has his name affixed to two other destinations on the map.

“You’d think that Trump would be more a “coke” guy than a “kotch,” in light of his income bracket and political leanings, but the Koch brothers have been no great allies of his, either.”