Apple can’t stop distracted driving – Roadshow

Apple made an attempt to stop distracted driving, and although the idea was within the right mind, it was within one hundred perecent success. For it to work it has so to be used within a social app not within the technical, so for it to they have to dig a little deeper, but maybe this is a learning stone for the company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Statistics show that driver-related fatalities are significantly up, due to distracted driving.
  • Apple has introduced a new feature, meant to detect when users are driving and make phone use inaccessible.
  • Unfortunately, the feature can not detect when an override may be needed and it is an easy feature for users to disable.

“I’ve felt that emotional tug when I hear a text alert while driving, but have ignored it, leaving my phone alone. Even if I’m using a hands-free phone system, I might ignore a call if I don’t think it’s important. Good public information campaigns need to emphasize the dangers of using a phone while driving.”