An Interesting Route to Sunshine City

Traveling these days can be a pain. Whether it is arranging your work schedule or convincing your family members to accept the idea, organizing a trip can really become a difficult task. Even though Yahoo maps is there to help us, if you are to drive to the destination, that can also be quite a hassle. At the end of the day, it all depends on the desire. If we really want some vacation, I am sure we’ll find a way to make it happen. I am one of those that made it happen, and I am nothing but grateful for that decision. Let me tell you my story!

I was working on this new listing we got and didn’t have time for any distractions. It was a 5 million dollar house in the best area of Atlanta and getting that real estate sold was my primary goal. Finally, I did sell it (Four million six hundred thousand to be precise) and got a nice new cash flow. I was on my way to continue to the next listing, but everybody was trying to convince me to take a break and go on vacation. That idea didn’t even cross my mind, but as I started to think about it, it became an excellent idea!

I was a bit skeptical in the beginning regarding one important matter – how was I going to get there? A friend recommended yahoo maps. I have never tried it before, but it actually came in extremely handy! So, I was on my way to a long road from Atlanta to Miami, the reknown Sunshine city. The drive to the border between the states was so quick I couldn’t believe it, I got there in just a few hours. Afterwards, after reaching Florida, I kept driving according to the road signals in order to get to Miami.

Approximately midway of the trip, my Yahoo maps let me know that I have reached Orlando. I was amazed by all of the billboard advertisements regarding the Orlando theme parks and thus, I decided to give them a try! Being the spontaneous man I am, I started off with the Magic Kingdom theme park. If I was to describe the Magic Kingdom experience in one word it would be – AMAZING! I had one of the best times in my life! The incredible roller coasters, the tasty food and the Disney figures were all spectacular. After finishing off with Magic Kingdom, I continued my next day at Epcot. Although I didn’t connect with Epcot as much as I did with Magic Kingdom, it was still all a blast.

After having reached the hotel and finishing packing the luggage, I continued my ride to the Sunshine city. I was constantly looking over at Yahoo maps to make sure I don’t lose the right direction. After about 5-6 hours, I start smelling this great beach smell. Seeing all those beautiful ladies, I quickly understood that I have reached my destination – the one and only Miami Beach.

In conclusion, the trip was absolutely amazing. If you’re considering taking a trip, just do it! Miami is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a tropical vacation. Most importantly, don’t forget to configure your Yahoo maps!

+Ronald Edwards