Americans Want It Bigger, and Audi’s Working On It

Audi is making a big push to give Americans what they want, a bigger SUV. Even though some people are very ant-SUV, Audi hopes to win favor with more cargo space, more room, and quality that comes with the well known brand. More cargo room will also be added to new models of smaller vehicles in Audi’s line as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the United States, buyers want one thing more anything else: a bigger SUV. While Audi’s three-row Q7 is nice, it simply doesn’t measure up.
  • Speaking at the launch of the A5 and S5 Sportback in Seattle, Audi of America planning director Barry Hoch said the automaker’s lineup has plenty of room to expand.
  • While Audi has a coupe-like Q8 SUV in the works,the concept shown in Detroit this year only had four seats!

“As it strong-arms its corporate overlords to green-light something huge, Audi has other customers to think about. Namely, those who think SUVs are crass.”