All About Mapquest Classic

MapQuest®® classic is a great new tool that lets anyone save a map on a place that was visited and then share it with friends either on Facebook or any other social platform. It enables the user to create a personalized map and still share it with friends. This feature has in the recent past been very popular with those who like traveling and bringing unforgettable memories with them. This feature also gives very accurate directions on driving, where to get gas and also where to find the nearest restaurants. It also comes handy when someone is looking for say a landmark building.

Today this is the most widely used route planning tool. This is mainly contributed by the high quality features it comes accompanied with. It has highly intelligent features that are easy to use for everyone. The best thing about this service is the fact that one does not need to pay for anything to access. MapQuest®®’s main business is providing mapping and direction solutions to internet browsers. In the USA alone, one to five internet users use it daily. All over the world, millions of users use this tool to get mapping directions which cover almost every street and road on our planet.

When looking for a location using this tool, all that one needs is to go to the maps tab. After that, the next thing is to type the address, the city and also the state. If it a business location that one is looking for, then it is important to fill in the business option when conducting the search. For instance, if it is a restaurant that one wants to search for in Huston, all that is needed is to type the name of the city and the name of the state respectively. If one knows the zip code, it is also important that it is filled as well. After filling all that, the next thing that follows is clicking on the ‘get map’ option from which within a few seconds one will be presented with a list of all restaurants in Houston.

What makes this tool popular with many people is of course it’s ease of use and also it’s efficiency. For instance, if one wants wants to see the aerial map, all that is needed is one to click on the aerial map option. If it is traffic, one needs to click on the traffic bar to be provided with the results. When it comes to making things a bit easier for the regular traveler, this tool has not been left behind. It has a route planner which shows the fastest route, the toll free way, the shortest and also the highway free route. It is designed in such a way that it makes the traveler have the easiest and yet most enjoyable traveling.

All aid sand done, everyone who wants to locate places and travel with ease will definitely find MapQuest®® classic a very useful tool. It comes loaded with all the relevant features that make the user get the very best best.

+Ronald Edwards