Advanced Storm Warnings May Fail Because People Can’t Read Maps – Claims Journal

What would happen if there were an advanced storm warning that used a map to show where the storm would hit and you couldn’t read the map? The warning would go over your head. Apparently that’s something that does happen. Everyone should learn to read a map if at all possible for this and other reasons.

Key Takeaways:

  • One look at the map that day said it all. Storms were on their way, and they were going to be bad. How did anyone NOT know it was coming?
  • A large part of that is simply knowing where you are — and it turns out not enough people can say that with certainty when just looking at a map.
  • People just don’t use maps the same way they used to. Before there were smartphones people relied on maps to get around. Now the GPS tells them how to get there.

“The biggest counter that you can have to severe weather is situational awareness.”