A stunning trip to Lake Tahoe

A couple months ago, a friend’s family and I drove for six hours to reach Tahoe. We got lost a couple times along the way, and I was frustrated that I didn’t take my mapquest driving directions with us initially. We had to pull over nearby so that I could bring mapquest up on my phone- but our trip went pretty smoothly from there.
While we were driving up the mountain to reach Tahoe, we started to slip a little bit on the snow that had piled up. I was a little bit worried, but it wasn’t even particularly scary. Next time I go up that way, I’ll be sure to take something a little more ice friendly- or go later in the year!
When we arrived, we completely ignored our rooms, and went out to the Lake. It was beautiful, quite clear, and otherwise a wonderful sight. I took several pictures, then explored the rest of the town we were in. To be honest, I nearly forgot that Nevada had legal gambling! I made sure to avoid all the temptation by hitting the slopes. I had such a blast! California doesn’t know what it’s missing out on.
After we had done the tourist thing, it was time to hit the hay, and drive down the next day. If I could do it differently, I’d of brought my wife to include her in the pictures as well. Some came out gorgeously, and I don’t think I’ve taken pictures that have looked that good in a long while.
On the way back, we passed by a curious little diner. We stopped in for a bite to eat, and enjoyed their 60’s style decor. The old fashioned scenery brought me back down memory lane all right! I had a reasonably delicious burger, and then it was back to the road again.
Luckily, my phone decided to die before we were in recognizable territory. My buddy Dave didn’t have any service, and we drove about an hour out of our way until he could load the mapquest driving directions again. I was fuming at how stupid I was to not print out them out, and will never make that mistake again!
We were headed back to San Diego, and I was musing about how the Lake used to be clearer. I mean, it was great and I could see almost to the very bottom- but the last time I visited I actually did see the bottom. Kind of speaks volumes about polluting our resources, eh?
I wish there was somewhere closer that compared to Tahoe. It’s my favorite vacation spot, by far! I’ve been to Vegas, New York City, Germany, and other great big cities…but they just can’t compare to the serenity of Tahoe. Without the hustle and bustle, it’s a great location to sit and think. There’s so little to distract you there, that you could easily write the next best selling book, or code a phenomenal game in the blissful silence. If Tahoe was closer, I believe that I would go every year!

+Ronald Edwards