A Sense Of Humor Driving Review (ASenseOfHumorDriving.com)

Did you know A Sense Of Humor Driving is one of the oldest defensive driving courses in Texas? The larger corporate owned online defensive driving courses in Texas are able to dump a lot more money into course creation, marketing, making their website flashy, high-tech graphics and animations, etc. Most of the big corporate owned courses have had millions of people go through their courses and they are approved in sometimes dozens of states.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today I’m actually going to be reviewing an older online defensive driving course. Please note that this course is only certified in the state of Texas.
  • All these years, I just assumed A Sense Of Humor Driving was owned by some dude running the operation out of his house.
  • My opinion of A Sense Of Humor Driving is already showing through and it’s probably pretty obvious by now that I think this is a quality course to sign up with, but let’s get into some of the details anyway.

“Learning about defensive driving doesn’t have to be boring. Now, I’m not saying you’ll have the best time of your life going through A Sense Of Humor Driving, but what I am saying is that they get it.”