A New Rule to Help Transportation Planning Take Place on a Regional Scale

Matters of transportation can be tricky. There is a lot involved with them from costs to numbers of people. If you are planning it or if you know an agency that is this information can help. It talks about making transportation a regional concern. This is helpful because it brings fragmented transportation systems together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving people and goods through our urban cores is critical for a thriving metropolitan area.
  • As the Mayor in the I-4 corridor, a major economic driver of the South, we have struggled to plan our transportation systems as a region.
  • We have too often been operating within a county or city instead of planning as a region that feeds in and out of several different job centers, entertainment districts and the like.

“Transportation planning needs to take place at a regional scale – because in today’s America, so many people may live in one city or town but travel to another to work, to go to school, or to take advantage of other opportunities.”