8 secret spots in Ventura, CA

The Venturans that are not likely to visit the half mile away each are more likely to sit and sip on a beverage taking them back to the island life. The 8 secret local spots are among the the few in Ventura were the locals tend to be lounging in and about to enjoy a cocktail of their choice. The hip trendy secret spots of Ventura are exquisite with a bountiful of creativity luring in the delightful taste of Baja’s best oysters to the originality of italian pizza. The one of a kind Venturans spots are the place to be!

Key Takeaways:

  • Bank of Books is an emporium of all things literature, with its Main Street location just far enough off the beaten path that many visitors don’t know it exists.
  • Ventura’s weather is practically perfect year-round
  • Located next to the 101 freeway is Tony’s Pizzaria, sitting just where it has been for almost 50 years, a few blocks west of Main Street.

“”The day after New Year’s Eve is the best for a restaurant crawl along the Avenue, as many shops serve their very own menudo, the crimson hangover cure filled with hominy and tripe. That said, the Avenue is your best friend after any long night out.” (Paragraph 10)”