22 places to see the best street art in Miami

Miami has seen its art scene blossom since 2002 since the arrival of one of the biggest art fairs in the United States. This has given contemporary art a home in Miami. But it has also led to a rise in some of the most amazing street art pieces as well. A simple walk through several areas of Miami, specifically Wynwood, would give you a real treat. Along with several locations in Wynwood, there are several other areas in which to see amazing street art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Once a neighborhood of empty warehouses, Wynwood is now known for its colorful murals.
  • Miami’s street art began with Wynwood Walls. It was the vision of the Miami property developer, the late Tony Goldman, “to create and display the greatest street art ever seen in one place.”
  • Seeing the success of Wynwood Walls, other landlords invited artists to paint their walls. Over 300 artists have contributed murals.

“Artists are given free reign as to subject matter. The murals are constantly changing, so don’t be disappointed if one of your favorites is painted over.”