2019 McLaren Senna Hypercar Revealed: It Certainly Has a Name to Live Up To

The 2019 McLaren Senna Hypercar has now been revealed. It has a name to live up to for sure. It has a lot of horsepower, but not a lot of weight. The fundamental ingredients to this car is a lot of power and a very lightweight package. McLaren is definitely a very high quality brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new McLauren Ulitmate Series Hyper car has arrived and deliveries should begin next year.
  • the new McLauren name is Senna and it is a hypercar. prices start at 7 digits! That’s 837,000.00 US dollars.
  • The McLaurens Senna faster than the Seminal P1. It is a 2 seater. Designed for the track but is street legal to get back and forth to track.

“Aside from its name, the Senna has plenty more awe to invoke. It is designed for track use first and foremost; the idea is less daily driver than a car that is street-legal for drives to and from the track.”