2019 Jeep Yuntu Spied: A Hybrid Halo SUV for China

The 2019 Jeep Yuntu will be a hybrid SUV. There are three primary automotive trends in China right now, premium, green and utility. The Jeep Yuntu combines all three. The vehicle will be targeted to luxury minded urban dwellers. Production is suppose to start next year. The Jeep Yuntu is not suppose to target the USA, but there may be alternatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Yuntu debuted at the 2017 Shanghai auto show in April as a three-row luxury SUV with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.
  • The Yuntu combines all three, creating what could be Jeep’s new halo vehicle in that market.
  • Even if we don’t see the Jeep Yuntu in America, there are some rumblings that its architecture and powertrain could be used to craft a three-row plug-in Chrysler crossover for the United States.

“There are three major automotive trends in China right now: premium, green, and utility.”