2018 Toyota Sienna In-Depth Review: Highly Practical, Minimally Sophisticated

Minivans aren’t known for their “sexiness” and the Sienna isn’t any different. While it has great capabilities for seat folding, internal electronics and even a V8 engine, the car feels cheap and looks boxy as possible. As long as someone is looking for substance over style, they will find an excellent car for the price, but if you want those extra packages, a Honda Odyssey may be more to your liking.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Sienna has advanced safety features, spacious interior, and an efficient powertrain. Standard safety tech which includes things like automated emergency braking and lane keeping assist.
  • The highs of the Sienna include minivan utility and class-exclusive all-wheel drive available. Also comes with five USB ports and an optional 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, Unfortunately, the design isn’t very appealing.
  • The interior has a laminated windshield and acoustic glass on the front-row side windows for quieter running and a new 4.2-inch driver information display in the gauge cluster.

“While this bulky box isn’t as sophisticated inside and its ride is less refined than those rivals, the Sienna has plenty of substance to satisfy buyers.”