2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Driven: Sporty Looking, Not Sporty Driving

In an effort to bring excitement back to the Mitsubishi lineup of cars, the 2018 Eclipse is being released with the Eclipse Cross being an option that offers a mid range SUV size, not as large as some, but offering more room than many models, the Eclipse Cross is Mitsubishi’s attempt to combine some of the most loved features of other models and bring sportier option back to its lineup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mitsubishi has a plan to break out of its current austerity mode, during which the brand’s occasional sparks of edgy design and performance-oriented engineering have remained in a deep slumber.
  • Distinctive design, better interior than the Outlander Sport, lots of tech for the money.
  • We hope the brand’s plan includes models that have more of the ingenuity and driving pleasure for which Mitsubishi was once known.

“There’s no sports-car gravitas to the Eclipse Cross, which Mitsubishi says is focused on styling and technology.”