2018 Lexus LC 500 and LC 500h First Test

The 2018 Lexus LC was taken for a test. The Lexus is in similar shape and proportion to the Mercedes-Benz SL550. The previous Lexus LS sedan was a 4,466 pounds vehicle. Its inner gearing is like a NASCAR 4v speed times six. If the LC 500 could pushes itself to the redline during 10th gear it would be going about 336 mph.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite some flaws, the LC 500/500h provide a luxury experience nobody else currently does.
  • Furthermore if you imagined the LC 500h hybrid chasing down a BMW i8 hybrid with its similar output, you’ll be disappointed again.
  • The LC 500’s 4,370-pound and LC 500h’s 4,471-pound curb weights (as-tested) certainly play a part.

“I don’t think anyone [who] saw the car in photos/print expected it to sound like that. Expectations: Exceeded!”