2018 Honda Fit Tested in Depth: Practically Dazzling

The 2018 Honda Fit is ready to wow audiences with its performance. Take a look at the vehicle and some of the specs that it has to offer. The new model has safety features and other aspects that need to be seen. It is possible to buy the 2018 Honda Fit with a manual gearbox too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Honda’s Fit is aptly named: You can fit much more stuff inside it than in any other subcompact thanks to its boxy shape and multi-way folding rear seats.
  • Although you can get it with a manual gearbox, the Fit is at best pleasant to drive—which is a bit of a disappointment considering that the previous-generation model was more engaging while being equally practical.
  • Honda’s Fit is basic transportation, plain and simple, so we see no reason to opt for anything beyond the lower trim levels.

“But if impressive interior space and versatility in a tiny package are what you’re looking for, the Fit is still a car we highly recommend.”