2017 Ford Edge Vignale First Drive: Blueblood Wearing a Blue Oval

Ford is known to be one of the best car brands in America, due to their efficiency and durability. The new Ford Edge Vignale is said to have a very sleek European style look to it and it comes with a leather interior. It is also known as one of Ford’s luxury type cars due to is price and the way it is styled. It is mentioned in the article that most Americans may not favor this car.

Key Takeaways:

  • Barring only the GT supercar, it’s the most expensive Ford product on sale in Europe, pricier even than a V-8–powered Mustang and all but the hugest Transit vans.
  • Adding all these items to the less expensive, U.K.-market Edge Titanium would bring it close to the same price point.
  • Both versions have standard all-wheel drive; European Edges don’t have a front-drive option.

“But in Europe, this über-Edge will likely wander the wilderness in search of a purpose—and customers.”