2017 BMW 530i RWD Tested: Choose Wisely

The new 2017 BMW 530i RWD test review is out and it has revealed quite a bit for BMW. First the company has pulled all the stops to ensure that all their customers are happy. The car is loaded down with so many new features however that the price has increased rather drastically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Among the nearly $22,000 worth of extra-cost items, the most significant may have been the adaptive dampers.
  • The most fateful option selection for this particular 530i was the Integral Active Steering, a stand-alone item at $1150.
  • The rear compartment is among the roomiest in this class, and this latest version boasts a bit more rear-seat legroom than before.

“The 5-series has evolved—but into what, exactly, depends somewhat on you.”